What is in Casa Bromelia's Brazilian Beach Bag?


Here is our list of 'must haves' for your Rio de Janeiro voyage. Click on the image to find out more information. (Even if you don't buy these products but make another purchase, please go through our website! This helps us maintain our research to bring you the best Brazilian beach & lifestyle products.)


Rio de Janeiro Travel Accessories


The Perfect Swimsuit - nothing says a trip to Brazil, more than a handful of swimsuit options


Ultimate Guide to Rio - it's as if Rio herself wrote a guide book on the most obscure and fascinating things to do


Sarong- Brazilians don't use beach towels, so this light & vibrant beach sarong is your ideal solution


Carry-on Luggage- any globe trotter would not go without a light weight, spinner, expandable carry-on


Woven Beach Tote- besides the Brazilian sitting next to you, this bag with a sturdy bottom, will be your best friend


Antioxidant Facial Sunblock - we've been devotees for years!


Natural calming - floral essence remedy for those who fear flying or just want to let go 


Essential Brazilian Music - slip into that Ipanema state of mind with the classic Jorge Ben Jor


Deep Hair Conditioner- a MUST for beach going in Ipanema. Take a note from the Brazilian girls & deep condition in the sunshine


A Microfiber towel - lightweight, bright colored & quick dry essential that is great for travel and for yoga


Lip Chapstick- Rosebud Salve keeps your lips moist and protected, so they can be used for better things later


Havaianas Flip Flop Sandals- you will want nothing else under your toes, except for warm tropical sand


Waterproof Phone Case- regardless if you're not a beach person, Brazil is a very humid country & this will save you a big headache


Pure Aloe Vera - after sun care for the end of your all day beach escapade


Straw Beach Hat- we love this hat because it travels well, covers our entire faces & comes in many fun colors


Disclosure: We receive compensation from Amazon for the products we recommend. These are a sample of products that we actually use ourselves. The opinions expressed here are our own.