Local Rio Excursions

Walk, Eat or Dance the streets of Rio with a local who speaks your language. We offer a variety of 'non-touristy' excursions that provide a glimpse of the real Rio and offer you a chance to experience the everyday pleasures like a local. We want you to experience a little taste of everything, so we don’t limit ourselves to only 1 type of transport, 1 type of food or 1 type of adventure. We do it all. Here is a list of our must sees, but we can tailor them to your taste. Prices start from 150 Brazilian Reais/person.


- Carnaval

This is Brazil’s highlight of the year! We have the best seats to the world famous Carnaval parade at Sambodromo (stadium). This midnight extravaganza shows off the top 6 Samba Groups as they compete for the prize of Best in Brazil!! This is the life long dream of most Brazilians, and is an exceptional adventure normally experienced only by locals. It is sure to be the highlight of the trip!

includes: transport to/from & ticket to the best section of the Sambodromo stadium     approximately: 7hours


- Underground Samba Party

Come to my art deco home on Ipanema Beach, where we will begin our classic Brazilian night. I'll show you how to make a Brazilian Caipirinha cocktail, introduce you to traditional Rio music & teach you the basic steps on how to dance Samba. Then we will head to the cobblestone back streets in the center of Rio, to a hidden Street Party with a live Samba band. We will mingle with Brazilians, eat street barbecue on stoops of old Portuguese homes & feel the passion of the music that defines this culture.

includes: pre-party cocktail, transportation     approximately: 4hours


Sugarloaf Mountain (Pão de Açucar)

This is our spin on a classic Rio site! We start by visiting, Urca, a historical neighborhood off the tourist trail. It is a fabulous little part of town (the first place the Portuguese landed when they came to Brazil) where you have beautiful architecture from the Portuguese, German and French settlers, classic Brazilian bars overlooking the water and incredible back streets peppered with old churches alongside Guanabara bay. We will walk through Praia Vermelha (the red beach) en route to drop you off at Sugarloaf Mountain where you can enjoy a Sunset Happy Hour overlooking Rio.

includes: transportation     approximately: 4hours


Botanic Gardens / Parque Lage

These are two incredible off-the-beaten path places to visit. We begin with a walk through the Botanic Gardens where you find local monkeys, this seasons's Orchid bloom and a plethora of Brazilian flora and fauna. Then we cruise over to Parque Lage, a former Sugar Cane Mill, turned Classic Mansion. Made famous by Snoop Dogg's Beautiful video in the 90s, this incredible piece of architecture sits nestled under the watch of Christ the Redeemer and houses an incredible French Café. There is also a Rain Forest garden with local modern art dotting the perimeter. 

includes: transportation     approximately: 4hours


- Hiking in the Rainforest

There are incredible hikes throughout the local Rio rainforest, for all levels! Choose 1 or more: Tijuca National Park and the Chinese View, Dois Irmãos and Pedra Bonita. Many of these trails end with views of the photos you see on all the postcards dotted around town. For history buffs, there is an option to hike a few trails with a local history expert.

includes: transport     approximately: 3-5hours


Capoeira Class

Learn the basics of this Brazilian martial arts that combines dance, acrobatics and music. Originally developed in the 16th century, Capoeira has since been granted a special protected status as "intangible cultural heritage" by UNESCO. Study with a local expert on the banks of the lagoon underneath the shadow of Christ the Redeemer.

includes: lesson     approximately: 1-2 hours


- Paragliding / Hang gliding

Soar over one of Rio's last standing parts of the Rain Forest and on to the beaches of São Conrado. One of the most sought after experiences in Rio after Christ the Redeemer is this extreme sport. We work alongside one of the oldest and most professional companies who will welcome you, go through training, and fly tandem with you as you feel the freedom of the skies.

Check out our Paragliding Adventure video.

includes: adventure sport, photos, video     approximately: 4-5hours


- Brazilian Futbol (Soccer) Game

Head with us to a live Futbol match a.k.a. Soccer game at a classic Rio stadium! Feel the passion, chant the songs, cheer with a beer raised high and understand why this sport is a religion in Brazil. We will arrive early to enjoy in the street parties with the locals then go in for 90 minutes of on your feet excitement.  

Take a peak at a local Futbol Match video

includes: transport to/from the game     approximately: 5hours


- Brazilian Jiu-JItsu:

Practice the Brazilian style of Martial Arts with personal training at the world renowned Novo União Gym. Training alongside world-renowned competitors, you will be given a GI (classic uniform) to wear and given instruction by an achieved fighter. There will be plenty of photo opportunities, so don’t forget your camera!

includes: Gi rental, private lesson (available beginners or advanced levels)     approximately: 1 1/2hours


- Classic Brazilian Cooking Class

Learn to cook Traditional Brazilian appetizers, main course, dessert and make Classic Brazilian drinks... then eat and drink them! You will meet at a Cooking School in Copacabana modeled after a Brazilian Kitchen run by a well known local chef who has worked for some of Rio's well known elite. She will briefly explain the history of Rio and Brazilian cuisine including the mixture of Indigenous, African and Portuguese culinary influences. You will then create each dish yourself under her care. While you get to sample everything during the cooking process, at the very end you get to sit down and properly enjoy the feast you have made. 

includes: class, food, drink & gift from the chef    approximately: 4hours


- Rio Street Art Tour

An exploration of local Brazilian artists who choose to go out on the streets and tell their stories. The group will learn about urban art history and the different painting processes, then sit down afterwards for good drink, food and conversation!

includes: tour approximately: 3hours


- Paquetá (boat trip to a classic colonial island)

We travel together to the historic Praça XV Square downtown & explore its cobblestone backstreets where Carmen Miranda grew up. We then board the boat for our day trip to the island of Paquetá an hour off the shore of Rio. The afternoon will be spent exploring the charming unpaved roads, seeing the monkeys, the incredible view of Rio and enjoying the traditional local family-run beach side bars & cafés. 

includes: transportation, tour     approximately: 4hours


- Favela Afternoon in Rocinha - The Contradiction Tour

A non-voyeuristic visit to see what a Brazilian's daily routine is. The objective is to remove misconception from the media’s portrayal of these neighborhoods. We will interact with locals and enjoy the energy of 2 different aspects of Rio life. First, we go to visit Rocinha, the largest favela (and one of the most peaceful). We will have a beer with the locals in a traditional bar, see the 'pro-gay rights' murals, and check out the flea market & the food stalls. We will then cross over to the upscale São Conrado beach in front of the last remaining parts of the Rio rainforest where we can indulge in well earned cocktails and Italian tapas at this local’s only beach café.

includes: transportation, tour     approximately: 3.5hours


- Being Brazilian

Walking the trail of a typical 'Carioca' day, I will give perspective on this city's daily habits & routine. Never touching a tourist trap, we will examen the beauty, pain & the in between as we inch our way from the beach to the urban side of Rio. Together we will visit the market, bakery, street vendors, public transport, shopping bazaars, local boteco (bar) & classic architectural institutions. 

includes: transportation, tour     approximately: 3.5hours


- Rio Highlights Tour: Motorcycle Private guided day tour

Ride on the back of a motorcycle exploring the entire city with an experienced Rio native driver. This is the perfect introduction to this Urban/Beach wonderland. Highlights to see: Ipanema, Copacabana, Maracanã, Downtown, Olympic Boulevard, Museu de Amanhã (Museum of Tomorrow) Praça Maua Square, Teatro Municipal, Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil, Tijuca,  Urca, Praia Vermelha, Lagoa, Savage Beaches & more. If there is some place you like, just let us know & we can stop and enjoy the moment! NOTE: If you prefer to visit Rio’s Natural Sites (waterfall, savage beaches, etc) we can tailor to your liking.

includes: transportation, tour     approximately: 4-5hours


- Airport Transfer

Arrive in Rio hassle free & securely. Our English Speaking Driver will be waiting for you inside the airport at your arrivals gate holding a sign with your name on it. He will then transfer you to your lodging chatting with you about the highlights of Rio de Janeiro. Available for both airports: Galeão/Tom Jobim International (GIG) & Santos Dumont (SDU)

includes: private transport to/from your lodging

approximately: From GIG (1h - 1h15) From SDU (approx 45min)


For more information please contact us directly.