Sarong - Brazilian Tiles (Warm Tones)

beach sarong
beach sarong

Sarong - Brazilian Tiles (Warm Tones)


Mirroring the Classic Brazilian Tiles in Rio, This Vacation Sarong is Unique, Pairing Well with any Bathing Suit and any Tan!

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Casa Bromelia Sarongs are uniquely designed in Brazil.

What is a Sarong? A simple yet elegant multi-functional piece of fabric. It is the most useful accessory whether at home or on the go! These sarongs are a staple in everyone's Summer bag in Rio de Janeiro! Because they are so light, we bring them to the beach or the pool instead of a heavy towel. They also turn into a quick swimsuit cover-up when popping over to that beach bar to grab a cold fresh coconut. Post-sun, a sarong can be made into a flirty dress for happy hour cocktails or shopping. On those brisk autumn evenings, use as a pashmina or an over the shoulder wrap. Around the house, add it as an accent piece to the table at a fabulous dinner party, at the end of your bed to add color, tied up as a curtain or even hung against a bare wall as a reminder of that beautiful tropical memory. A good traveller never leaves town without one. 

NOTE: The image in Photo 1 is the pattern of the sarong you will be receiving. Photo 2 shows the size.

How do I use a Sarong?
• alternative to a beach towel
• bikini cover-up
• dress, skirt or top
• scarf
• wrap
• curtain
• table cloth
• end of bed throw
• wall hanging

• MEASUREMENTS: If worn as a cover-up, all sarongs are one size fits all. They fit a wide range from extra small to plus size. Size is approximately: Length 65in x Width 45in (or 162cm x 114cm)

• MATERIAL: Viscose (Rayon) Feels extremely soft, like cotton!

• DESIGN: Each print is unique, vibrant in color, and Brazil inspired. There is a sarong to fit everyone's mood. Please note: there is 2.5 inch fringe along opposite sides of the width.