The Açaí is a delicious & nutritious purple berry found on palm trees in the Amazon Region of Brazil. These berries have been a staple food for centuries by local inhabitants. It is never eaten straight from the tree but in the form of a purée or pulp. The berry is often described as a complete food because it satisfies most of one’s daily requirements & helps your muscles, heart, digestion & gives you energy!

Açaí is highly perishable. So, when the raw fruit is picked from the tree, it must be processed within 24 hours of harvest. Because of this it was a food only enjoyed by those living in regions close to the Amazon until the 1970s. The fruit was first introduced to the city of Rio de Janeiro, &  soon there after the craze began! Local Cariocas began combining the frozen açaí with fresh fruit & granola to create the famous açaí bowls ("açaí na tigela”) we know today. Because Rio is a city of surfers and the body conscious, this healthy snack became the starting ground for what is now a firm part of Brazilian culture. Today, açai is now becoming fashionable throughout the entire world thanks to modern day farming practices.

Açai’s nutritional benefits includes:

Vitamin A
Vitamins B1(thiamin), B2 (riboflavin) and B3 (niacin)
Vitamin C
Vitamin E
Nutrient minerals
Phosphorus and Zinc

RECIPE- How to make your own Açai Bowl:

Açai pulp (bought frozen from your local health food store)
Fresh Fruit (banana, mango or strawberry)
Optional: Chia Seeds

Place slightly thawed açai in a bowl and blend with a spoon.
Add your toppings.
Eat cold & fresh!

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