What Brazilian Music in on our Radio this Week

In Brazil, there is always music playing. It is the fuel for our daily fire! Music is a normal part of the city hum you hear all day long, in every corner of this country. In Brazilian culture, there is a natural encouragement to sing out loud and dance for the sake of dancing. There isn't a shame around it, but rather a deep joy that comes from feeling the music. We sing it in the streets, hear it on those small transistor radios as we buy our morning newspaper, dance to it with our kids in the living room, play it loudly in the background as we cook our black beans and rice for dinner, and feel it silently as we go to sleep with our lovers. With such a huge variety, there are so many Brazilian music genres that rarely get exported out of the country. 


Brazilian Music Styles

Brazil music encompasses a variety of regional styles. The local tunes have been influenced by Amerindian, European and African music, however, they have developed into their own original forms such as Samba, Bossa Nova, MPB, Sertanejo, Pagode, Choro, Tropicália, Maracatu and Funk Carioca.

Due to Carnaval, Samba has become the most exported Brazilian music. Although Bossa Nova, is a close second, gaining intense popularity in the 1960s and 70s as many Brazilian musicians moved abroad (particularly during the dictatorship) and gave the world a taste of the country's soul. 


Brazilian Music Today

Today, there is an incredible music scene in Rio de Janeiro. And it is not just restricted to the week of Carnaval. On any given night, you can dance in the streets at an underground Samba party or Forró until dawn at a classic, colonial Brazilian dance hall. There is no limit to the experiences you will have in the 'marvelous city'.

Casa Bromelia is very influenced by the music of this country. We always have our very own tropical soundtrack playing in the background as we go about our daily routine. Click here for our classic Brazilian Spotify mix. Or check out this collection of musical samplings from our favorite genres!


THINK: Fresh Lime Cocktails, Smell of the Ocean, that Vacation Feeling

Artist/Song: Elis Regina Aguas do Março

Brazilian music type: Bassa Nova


THINK: Latin Heartbreak, Guilty Pleasure, Music to Vacuum to

Artist/Song: Henrique & Juliana Gordinho Saliente

Brazilian music type: Sertanejo


THINK: Sexy Rebellion, ‘I got this’ Music, Glitter & Gold

Artist/Song: Sérgio Sampaio Bloco na Rua

Brazilian music type: Samba da Carnaval (Acoustic)


THINK: Vacation Romance, Sandy Toes, Little Hop in your Step

Artist/Song: Daniela Mercury Nobre Vagubundo

Brazilian music type: Axé


THINK: Country Road, Ingenue Love, Girl Next Door

Artist/Song: Luiz Gonzaga Asa Branca

Brazilian music type: Forró


THINK: Rio Underground Party, ’Tonight’s my Night’, Last Call Drink at Sunrise 

Artist/Song: McDelano Na Ponta Ela Fica

Brazilian music type: Baile Funk Carioca


THINK: Brazilian Pop in a Nutshell

Artist/Song: Nego do Borel Você Partiu Meu Coração ft. Anitta, Wesley Safadão

Brazilian music type: Pop


For more recommendations for Brazilian music, feel free to drop me a line directly lauren@bromeliario.com